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Thread: Aya no 4 or is it ?

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    Aya no 4 or is it ?

    Afternoon , in my local gunship today and have seen a very interesting gun that I wondered if anybody here could help,me with !
    It's labeled as a aya no 4 but it is different the wood is really good quality much better than my no2 ,it has a very slim grip which looks like it was going to have a teardrop piece on it but it hasn't !
    It's an ejected and there is a aya no4 next to it and it is very different it has a different action but is a box lock ?
    Any ideas ??

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    I had to have a quick look as I have one. There is a deluxe model so perhaps that could be it (images below). I was gobsmacked at the new prices when I saw them; I think I paid about 400 for a very clean secondhand one.

    AYA - Northern Optics and Accessories

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    Cheers guys , I have looked on there website and it is close to there delux no4 but it hasn't got the tear drop and the action is different ! I need to get the number and try with aya !

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    AYA is very good at getting back to you if you contact them through their website and give them the serial number. I got the model number and date of manufacture from them when I bought my AYA.

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    Link to AYA serial number identifications

    Untitled Document
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    "AYA special" is what you called it in mid/late seventies.

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    I've looked at various No4 AYA and there are two distinct types that I have seen. The current type has the multitude of "pins" each side. Or "screws" as us non-gunmakers cal them but "pins" as they would. So these current ones have the four pins in two pairs. One to lock the other in place.

    Earlier No4 AYA don't but like a typical English A & D Boxlock have the steel "rod" through to hold the tumblers and the cocking lever in place that on the later AYA N04 I've mentioned use these two pairs of pins instead.

    Personally I prefer the earlier style as it looks cleaner.

    To complicate matters there is the AYA Yeoman Ejector but this has the words "Yeoman Ejector" usually on the barrels. Lastly there is the AYA 4/53 that is the "deluxe" with the scalloped back to the action like a Westley Richards Heronshaw gun.

    It is all confusing as like Parker Hale AYA didn't stamp or enbrave their model numbers on their side by side guns except. AFAIK, their Yeoman, Yeoman Ejector and Countryman types. Or maybe they did?

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    That takes me back, my Dad bought me a used No.4 box lock for my first proper gun on my 16th birthday and it served me very well. I think he paid 50 but it was a LONG time ago. I was from a non shooting family and I now realise what a huge leap of faith this was.

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