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    Glen Lyon

    Just back from another exciting few days stalking hinds in Glen Lyon once more. I have been stalking this estate now for a good few years firstly for stags in the rut but now I am retired I am quite contented stalking hinds

    Monday was fine weather with a light easterly wind. Sadly an east wind is not the best for stalking this particular beat. However, that did not hinder my chum and I the slightest as it was good to be out among the high tops and when the sun came out there was no better place to be. Deer were soon spied and a stalk commenced though it did require a rather strenuous climb. It was my chums turn this year, who I have stalked, shot and fished with for over 30 years to shoot first, so I acted as gillie carrying the lunch bag. There were no problems getting into a good firing point thanks to Roddie, the stalker and my friend did the business shooting a hind and calf along with last years follower. After the sound of the shot a good number of deer including some fine stags could be seen. It is a mystery that so many deer could just appear on ground that moments earlier was thought to be bear of deer. All gralloched and back down the glen we went to the larder.

    Day two came along and sadly my chum over stretched himself dragging beast down the hill the day before and tried as he did he decided to stay at the Land Rover on the track when deciding to stalk a parcel of hinds and calves we spied earlier. Although we were on the same beat we were on the opposite side of the glen from the day before. Again it was a beautiful autumn day and the sun had some heat in it still making it yet again a wonderful day to be out on the hill. This stalk was to be a gentle climb up the hill and it wasn't until after the shot that I realised how far we had both come from the Land Rover and how high we climbed. I also spied two Golden Eagles too and watched them for a short while through my Grays telescope. Wonderful. Anyway, a hind and calf cleanly shot and after the gralloch it was rather a more difficult drag down the hill but we managed OK and met up with my friend for a late spot of lunch. He was beginning to feel somewhat stiff now so we did not dally too long before driving down the glen to the larder and back to stalking HQ and a hot bath.

    Day three it rained and I mean it rained...... Today we were on the East beat without my chum who decided to drive to Perth to see his brother. Even though it was quite wet it did ease from time to time enabling us to spy and find deer which in turn gave us the opportunity for a stalk. However, unfortunately the wind and yet again an east wind, gave us a problem and when I crawled in to a suitable firing point to take the shot just a few metres away from the chosen point, there was a sudden gust of wind, a squirl and low and behold up popped all the heads and away went the deer. Blast, but that is stalking for you.

    Day Four started off wet but turned out to be a glorious day come lunch time and well worth the effort. Today, just the stalker Roddie and I were out together once again. Because we decided to leave earlier than planned we stalked a hill closer to home as I did not wish to be out long thinking of my friend and driving back home in the late afternoon. It was a steep climb once more but we came across a herd of deer with a young stag which did not pose a difficult stalk. A good firm rest and a shot of 150m with the .308 gave us a yet another good hind to take back to the larder thereby ending our short but successful stalking holiday. Four days stalking and six beasts in the larder. Perfect.

    Although that's my trip to Glen Lyon, Scotland's longest, lonliest and yet beautiful glen for another year, I have my doe cull to start on my stalking back home in Aberdeenshire. Plus of course, a few outings with my spaniel Pluto at the pheasants
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    Superb place ,I really miss the glen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David T View Post
    Innerwick ??

    No not Innerwick but very close....................Roro

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    Thought I recognized the hills. Do quite a bit of culling up there. An incredible place. Been going up there since I was 7 and it is one of my favorite places in the world.

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    That takes me back as I spent every summer between ages 7-14 in that valley staying with my grandmother at Killifione. Must go back one day.

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    Well done! Looks like a lovely spot.

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    What a great write up, I enjoyed that thank you.

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