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Thread: Jaw Skin Injury

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    Jaw Skin Injury

    Was sat in a newly installed high seat for under two minutes on Monday morning when I spotted this buck. He appeared like he was eating normally and was of good body weight.
    This injury would appear to be quite old but as to how it occurred...........

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    Poor fellow - well done that man for putting him out of his misery.

    Can't see from the photo, but was all the skin from the bottom of the lower jaw still hanging there or had it come off? Also, is that a crack on the lower jaw or just discolouration?

    Lastly, any other injuries?


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    I had a muntjac with the same last year although only peeled back about half as far as yours. It had also healed with the lower lip just hanging in a point. The animal was otherwise fine. I reckon they must do it by running into something like maybe a wire fence? Probably deflects off the teeth downwards and rips it back?
    Good cull animal though mate!
    Shame I never took a photo of mine.

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    Thats certainly an interesting injury, I've never seen anything like that before. My first thought was running into a fence but I've never seen it in a park or farm deer or when live catching park deer; both circumstances when the chances of such an injury might be considered higher. I would say that the injury could be more recent than you think as exposed flesh becomes dirty and dry quite quickl even around the mouth. Just goes to show that you learn something or see something new every day. Good on you for shooting the animal and sharing your experience with us. Will be interesing to see what others think. JC

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    This is a first for me. It looks like it could be impact from a fence, plenty bruising below the teeth. It will certainly make skinning the head easier. Well done for getting him.

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    Willie, The skin was complete and just hanging. I have skinned the head and could see no other injuries and certainly none on it's body/legs. I removed the bottom jaw and it appears normal not showing any signs of a repaired break. The area is frequented by dogmen and I wondered about dog but I would have expected the skin to be ripped. Either that or it has been chased by dogs and in sheer panic had run into a fence wire. Certainly a new one for me.

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    Not an injury sustained from a dog. You would find puncture wounds and the lip or skin from jaw would be torn. Most like as has been already mentioned an injury picked up from running into HT straining wire.

    It must have stung a bit when it happened. It always amazes me how they just seem to get on with it.

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    could it be a rut injury do you think..
    maybe he was caught in the jaw by another's antlers

    torn back and healed to this condition

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