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Thread: Barnes 62 gr. varmint Gernade in 6mm

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    Barnes 62 gr. varmint Gernade in 6mm

    Anyone ever try them. The box says they will shoot from a 1 -10 or faster barrel. Shooting from a .243. Wondering if they are worth a try.

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    I shoot them in my 223 obviously .22 cal. Plenty of rumours knocking about on the net of them not grouping. I've had no problems. Worth a try

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    tried them in my 1/9 6mmbr.

    nup: not to good now set on 70gr noslers. stunning and used them out to 600 with no problems.

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    I have used them out of .243. Accurate enough and pretty devastating downrange.

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    I have used them in .243Win with 1:10 twist. Performance was fine for accuracy and terminal effect but no better than anything else designed to be frangible. Good option if you want to go lead free.

    The centre of gravity is quite far back, being a flat base rather than boat tail, plus there is an air gap above the core. I think this means they stabilise in a slower twist than their length/weight would suggest. I could be wrong.

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    USED to and were as good as it said on the tin

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    i used them when 58 v max werent available, accurate and good but not as self destructive as the v max and had a lot of pass through, not a problem in its self but I preffered the certainty of the round not passing through much where stock is around. so I use v max.

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