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    hi everyone, having had a amazing black bear hunt in BC canada last may i have booked to go back and try for a timber wolf in February, i'll be sure to take lots of pics and do a write up for you but i was just wondering if anybody one here has ever been to canada in the winter to hunt timber wolf?

    apologies if this write up is in the wrong place, all the best donny

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    I've been twice now and wolf tracks fresh every morning, and everywhere this year, they have really increased in numbers, however, as many Canadians say, they are smart, hunt at night, and you'll onoy see them if they want you to see them! But I'm guessing if you are going specifically for wolf you will be baiting etc possibly calling them in too. My understanding is if an opportunity arises then it will be very brief so take it quickly!

    good luck!

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    I'm sure they're smart, but it makes me wonder about my encounter in Alberta. Mid February, just gearing up for a few days skiing (hut to hut backcountry stuff). Over the snow wall left when they cleared the car park comes a lone male, looked lean but not skinny. He looked big enough as we were eye ball to eye ball, fortunately there was a locked car door between us at the time.

    I don't think I've got what it takes to stalk something that makes me feel like it did that day, if you have go for it and good luck.

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    Wishing you all the best in February donny,

    look forward to seeing your pictures from that stunning country.

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    thanks guys, as frightening as they are i just feel I've got to go and get up close and personal with one, i came so close last year when i was bear hunting i haven't been able to think about much else.
    my outfitter sent me this pic from one of his trail cams earlier this month Click image for larger version. 

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