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Thread: A trip over to Kent and Sussex deer control

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    A trip over to Kent and Sussex deer control

    At the unreal hour of 4.00 am i drove over to Uckfield to meet up at 6.30 am with Robin and Geoff,halfway the the rain came down hard,and kept coming(always rains when i go stalking!).

    After a quick round of hello's,we were off to the first ground, Robin and i stalked a beautiful piece of woodland,while Andy and Geoff took a highseat, within 5 minutes we saw our first group of Fallow, going along the edge of the wood, and not a shot (anyway they made us and run), 5 minutes later we heard a crack....thump,radio confirmed Andy had his first deer,a Fallow doe.

    Ten minutes later we stalked to within 60 yards of a group of Fallow,the pricket in the picture with agroup of does, he knew we were there and was behind a tree,with just his head,neck and half the chest showing,quartering facing us, so i placed the shot a couple of inches off the tree trunk, diagonal through the heart,a solid thump followed the shot, and he was laying 50 yards away quite dead.

    After that superb start off we toddled for a really good fry up,the plan was now to swap, with me in the high seat with Geoff, and Robin stalking with Andy,we saw lots more Fallow,a magnificent master buck amongst them,but none presented a shot, but the sun came out, and sitting up there watching it all was really nice.

    The final and third session (If you book a days stalking with theses guys,you get a full days stalking) saw us both in high seats on another ground, and yes it rained and rained, at last light another pricket came out some 200 yards away, from the left, no pressure, Robin said its up to you,if you're happy with the shot take it, so i did at about 170 - 180 yards,i was happy with the placement, and at the shot the pricket ran 10 yards and jumped a 2 strand barbed wire fence, we unloaded and went over, no need to worry the pricket was just inside the fence, and to my satisfaction the shot hit exactly where i aimed - phew!

    All in all, the best days stalking i've had in a while, with two really welcoming guys,in beautiful countryside,i thoroughly recommend Robin and Geoff's outfit, and i'm going back soon.(if they can fit me in)
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    Well done and a good write up, also what is refreshing to here is the full day. I have enquired with a few times only to be told it is a morning and afternoon with you kicking your heals for a good 4 hours.

    The chap we go with is set up like yours, to quote what he said " you cant shoot deer waiting in the car park"

    Again well done....

    Stalking is very much like going to the night club

    You can always tell an Essex Boy, just you cant tell him much...

    An hour in the field is worth a week of typing trash.....

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    Hi Soulboy 1957, enjoyed reading your report and pleased that you enjoyed your day with us, a very successful day all round, enjoy your venison, and i look forward to meeting up again in the future, Regards Geoff

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