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    .22-250 moderator

    Have my variation back, going from rim fire to centre fire rifles. Have slots for .308 and .22-250 plus moderators. Have a Sako 75 with varmint barrel awaiting collection and need to get a moderator for it. Would any of the .22 moderators be ok, or does it need to be .22-250 specific. Any recommendations from people?


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    i run an all metal SAK on a .222 but that is a very small .22 centrefire

    the 22-250 would make short work of it and I doubt it would tame the bark of that much powder

    in short no, you need a CF mod for a 22-250

    lots out there
    aluminium is light but some models can suffer from gas cutting
    steel ideally stainless is my personal choice, doesnt degrade, is heavier

    weight/size or noise?
    have yet to see one that is good on all fronts

    I use a MAE/PES on .243 and .222 - excellent noise reduction but heavy compared to some

    SL5 seems very good
    I had a old ASE Untra which was a big beotch and didnt really cut the noise as expected!

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    The new Ase Utra Hertz range is worth looking at. Alternatively, contact Mr Badge on here about on of his titanium mods.
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    We can offer either one of our S series all stainless units or our AS lightweight hybrid units. We manufacture them in Mid Wales so you can come have a nosey.



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    Thanks for the offer Colin, I'll look them up. Thanks for advice everyone else too.

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    I had a utra CBQ on mine, but am going back to T8, heavy but I dont walk with it much, you won't beat it for noise reduction, chers

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    I use a ASE Utra JetZ on my .22-250, works just fine

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    CQB and get one to suit your cal


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    I have tried both the jetz cqbs and compact. Cqbs is very load on the 22-250 and think it's better at home on 223, compact is lovely but a lot bigger. A cqb would be the best I'm sure.

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