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Thread: Handbuilt Knife by K. Szabados of Hungary, Ideal Christmas present.

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    Handbuilt Knife by K. Szabados of Hungary, Ideal Christmas present.

    This knife is hand made by K.Szabados of Hungary he markets under the trade name of Puli.
    He has been making these knives 'commercially' but only in limited quantities, for just over thirty years, before that he just made them for friends.
    He uses Bohler steel from Austria and hardens it to 58HRC (440C) and is naturally stainless.
    It has a full tang and total length of 19 1/2cm
    The blade is 8 1/2 cm long and apx 4mm thick and 2 1/2 cm at it's widest part.
    The handle is made from selected genuine antler so being hand made, no knife is exactly the same.
    Each knife is sharpened and highly polished so is as sharp as a razor blade.
    It comes with a fully enclosed quality brown leather case.
    These knives are not well known in Germany but those that do know of them are really impressed and surprised at the price for such quality.
    That is a good indication that the prices will go up soon.
    I have put a nylon toggle on the handle to make it easier to find should you put it down in long grass.
    I would like 155.00 for this to include postage.Attachment 63032Attachment 63033Attachment 63034Attachment 63036Attachment 63035
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    that's a braw ED very nice and I am very tempted ,

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    I am loath to sell it but I'm afraid needs must.
    I bought two, I just couldn't stop myself when I saw them, they both felt good in my hand.
    I sold the slightly larger one on here the other day.
    This one is just sitting there just being admired and not used so thought as I have seen some other knives going on here, not as good and at a far higher price, thought I'd give someone a chance to get a good Christmas present.
    I saw a similar one made by the same maker on the Moonraker web site and that is more expensive so this is a steal.
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    ok I will take it please, I am going away for the weekend ED give me a call the mora and pm me yer address so I can send you some money, mind we are still going to the pigs in November 2016 with Steven Duncan Poland, ATB Davie

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