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Thread: Pigeon shooting essex/ suffolk/ norfolk

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    Pigeon shooting essex/ suffolk/ norfolk

    Hi after seeing another post I'm looking to buy pigeon shooting on cut down cover crops at the end of the season. If anyone can help please Pm me. It will be for me and my dad.

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    I hope you find some but also hope you don't end up getting another guy pushed out buy offering to shell out free cash offer

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    Not sure on your area but it's not that easy around here to get on good pigeon shooting because of greedy people who try to take over.

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    fully understand that, norm more than they can cover most of the time ?

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    I have a few farms I keep the rabbits down on and other vermin but a local guy who don't work just drives around all day and when he finds any number of birds feeding he will be there first light the next day.

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