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Thread: Purse nets Hemp and Nylon

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    Purse nets Hemp and Nylon

    I have quantity of purse nets for sale

    There are aprox 70 hemp nets
    There are aprox 60 nylon nets
    There are aprox 20 nylon nets for repair I do not know what is wrong with them.
    There are aprox 10 stakes wooden
    There is a small bag of rings 40-50
    There is a net making tool with some twine on it plastic.

    I would like 150 for the hemp
    I would like 65 for the nylon
    I will throw in the repair nets and stakes and rings and net tool.

    215 for the lot +postage (around 12)

    Thanks for looking

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    Any chance of a photo of the nylon nets please

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    anyone wanting photos please pm me email address

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