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    Suspected tb in a small park herd I help manage ,defra called vet next to useless came out day later and the herd shut down as you would expect .what next ? 2 weeks before a result and if it's not tb what will be the way forward as there's no handling facilities Ect .hope this is not the end of the herd as its been there a long while .anyone else experienced this ?

    Sorry knackered should have been next section down welfare Ect

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    If samples have been taken for lab confirmation, it could be up to 12 weeks for culture results. Sorry, not that helpful! As to what will happen, I'm not sure. It may depend on what else is in the park, how secure the park is and if the herd is wild or farmed. I'm guessing the former.

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    Old wild herd not farmed but where ? How did they catch this there is badger runs cris crossing the park !
    Dam shame if they have to be completely culled out .

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    finally had confirmation this isn't a TB out break ,so at last the cull for this yr can be concluded .
    what a performance DEFRA at its best

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    What a performance! A long wait and lots of worry too I am sure. Glad to hear it's not tb but question remains ........ what was it? I hope its passed whatever it was.
    Cheers Jerry

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