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    Hi all ,

    i was was looking on eBay and rolled across this for sale.? 301762046461

    New Deer Stalking Syndicate has two spaces available for the 2015-2016 season starting November 1st 2015
    It will include stalking over more than 700 acres of land with large areas of clear fell. New plantation is starting shortly. There are also four duck ponds. Mainly Roe
    Also included is the use of a 3 bedroomed farm house with Rayburn, wood burning stove, bathroom toilet etc. Water is connected but no electricity I will be installing a generator. A bedroom will be allocated. As yet unfurnished
    The permit will be for one year.
    Booking will be direct through me. Venison taken is yours.
    I am looking for experienced stalkers. You will be required to install a high seat.
    There is no bidding on this offer and membership will be by meeting/ interview on site, I will be there from 20th Oct.
    The cost is 1985 per Rifle year. No pay pal please note. Guests welcome but no armed guests.
    Sounds severe I know but it is amazing!!
    call me Rob Taylor 07879644342
    Not after 6pm please

    what you guys think?


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    Interesting to look back at this person's feedback.

    For example:

    Changes and adds rules of syndicate membership once you have bid, A LIAR AVOID

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    Those of whom pay to stalk would have to consider how many paid stalks they could get for that 2k (in a better the devil you know scenario) and whether they'd go more often...
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    For Gods sake - don't tell her how much I've spent

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    Was just looking at it as its for a year , and these days stalking you can buy soon adds up when you get charged a extra fee for medal and if you want the meat. I got quite abit of stalking I can do locally for free so very lucky in that way . Just thought it might be worth it .


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