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Thread: Moderator replacement for 308

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    Moderator replacement for 308

    I would really appreciate the collectives advice/ideas:

    I am due to replace my T8 can (its a bit of a brick). Most of my stalking is in the woods, I am looking for an over barrel. I am very keen to get the same noise reduction (or more?), and definately weight reduction.

    I am thinking about DPT or Hardy, and have about £250 to spend. Am i missing anything better? I am finding that it's a bit of maze, and would be very grateful for experience and info please.

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    Dpt are great light mods but are noisey. No where near the attenuation the T8 gives. In general the lighter they are the noisier they will be as there is less to absorb the sound. Aztec and hardy are good but your budget is tight. The atec carbon is worth a look but it's over £300

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    I've had an Atec CMM4 for a good few years now, good piece of kit.
    Limited lifetime warranty means if you ever do manage to tire baffles out they are really quite cheap, or if you change thread you only need to buy the base baffle which I think was about £60.
    Jackson Rifles are good to deal with.

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    A S/H ASE SL5 would be just as good regards noise and is lighter

    they are stainless Aswell so should last a bit longer

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    I've been using the new(ish) Wildcat Evolution for the past few months on a .308. It compares well with the Predator for noise reduction, but is a lot lighter. Very well made and a modular design. I think they represent good value at £199.

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    I use a titanium moderator, over the barrel design, for my .308. While very light it is also quite noisy.
    A heavy steel moderator I use on a .243 is much quieter.
    I just wonder if there could be a correlation between weight/mass and noise reduction?
    To me, logic dictates that a heavier moderator with more mass will reduce more noise, so it is a trade-off.
    Whatever the marketing-men that try to sell you the latest say, take it all with a pinch of salt!
    • Do not be seduced by the marketing-men....

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    I use a Lawrence titanium aurora which is the smallest and about 300g on my 6.5 and I find I can shoot it all day with out thinking that's loud

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    I have been a dyed in the wool A-Tec maxim user for some time but recently saw the light and have changed over to Dpt mods.
    They are a good price and much lighter and as good at attenuation as any other I have heard including the 'new Super-Dooper' titanium ones being advertised extensively.

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    I agree, my dpt's on .243,.308, 7x64 are all very light and as quiet as any other I have tried or heard and a lot quieter than a lot!

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