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Thread: Normark Knife repair or replace?

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    Normark Knife repair or replace?

    my father broke his Normark folding knife that his mother gave him the pin that holds the blade broke it has sentimental value as she is no longer around, is there any one that can fix these as i know they are no longer in production or does any one have one laying around they would be willing to sell. If I could get his one fixed it would be great or if i could find a similar replacement at least he would still have the sheath. Any help you guys could give would be great as i think he is more upset about it than he is letting on.

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    Contact a knife maker explain the situation. Most will be able to repair the knife by punching out the old pin and fitting a replacement.

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    Any model engineer with lathe's etc would knock off a repair no probs.
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    You may want to give Whitby and Co a call - they have provided many knives for years.
    Their Customer Service I believe is good and so would be surprised if they were not able to sort out the repair or advise.
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    I suppose it depends on the model , but I have a normark folder for 25 plus years
    I lost one of the four brass screw. I contact either raphala or EKA at the time and they
    sent me two spare free of charge. If I were you I would contact EKA or failing that as the others have mentioned get a knive maker to sort something.

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    Thanks to you all for your suggestions i will work my way through the list and one of them is bound to turn up the solution thanks again on behalf of my old man and myself.

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