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Thread: Beautiful video

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    Beautiful video

    I was listening to the Pace brothers latest podcast ( Byron &Darryl )
    & it was with a Danish hunter David Carsten Pederson , brilliant listen & very good points , some I will take on when talking dealing with folks I'm trying to "educate" when we get asked about hunting

    Now this lad also done a video called Heritage , beautifully done and hits the essence of why we do what we do ....

    Now some will not like this because in this instance it's bow hunting .... I ask that you put that to one side ( a whole different debate ).

    I hope it's ok to put this up if not I apologise but thought it was worth a mention

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    I've just taken my time and watched the video right through. As you say, if you put aside the fact that he is bow hunting (I'm still sitting on the fence with that one) it shows just how much he cares for the forest.
    One thing that we should all hold in our mind is what he said - "When we are given something we should try to make sure that it is in better condition when we give it back than when it was given to us"!

    That was a pleasure to watch! Thanks for posting it.

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    No problem frenchieboy,
    I just thought that there was an ethos there needs releasing to a greater audience ...
    If you listen to the guy on the podcast from Byron & Darryl Pace he just makes sense with everything he says .
    Lots could learn from it ....
    And as a quote I seen on here others day , do t know who posted it up but it struck a chord

    A brain is like a parachute it only works if it's open

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    For me
    If you only take out one thing from this ! it has to the Respect it shows ,and it do's not matter if he had used a rock a spear or arrow or a bullet it projected his Respect for what he was doing and the end result.

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    Absolutely stunning film.
    As with the others - I'm not too sure about hunting with a bow and arrow - but I'll respect the rights of others to do so; the same with hunting with packs of hounds or shooting with pistols.

    Must get the music added to my to my "High Seat" play list and slow down on each stalk too appreciate all that is around me.

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    Respect for quarry and the forest, my kind of chap, we all can glean something from this video. Cracking film.

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    Really enjoyed that. Thanks for posting.

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    Filming quality to match an Attenborough documentary, well done.

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    Excellent piece. Really thoughtful and touching the respect showing.

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