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Thread: got to love the yanks

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    got to love the yanks

    this oul hand is abit of an ejit

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    It's just a pity that they didn't have a really well trained guy in the Enfield now that would have wiped the smile off his face .

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    I could have given him a run with any of my Enfields. I can certainly shoot them better and faster than that ex-Brit! Did anyone catch the glitch? When the Sgt asks if the fellow is ready for the M1 - Enfield show down, the Enfield driver doesn't have a magazine in the rifle! I wonder where they found this guy?

    I put myself through college gunsmithing M1 Garands. Hate them.
    On the other hand, I love the Lee's. I have better than a dozen straight military offerings. All of them shoot really well. ~Muir

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    Had A look. Boy them yanks are good at long range sniping, the targets MUST be 25 yards, and the gunny just managed to hit the plate.

    Always remember firepower to an american is lots of big bullets in the air, firepower to the British is one bullet acuratly placed, or so the saying goes!!.

    He He, i like a fairy tale.

    Dry Powder.


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    Oh darn ..................... just lost the reply to the ether so we'll try again:-

    Muir now if we are looking at gliches and errors then the "Gunny" needs to learn a bit of factual history like that the rimless smokeless cartridge was not adopted by the US until 1903 when it adopted the 1903 Springfield and the "06" he bangs on about didn't come in until 1906 when the 03 cartridge was shortened and a 150 grain bullet adopted to increase the velocity to 2700 fps to try and compete with the new Spitzer loading of the 8mm Mauser with it's 154 grain bullet at 2900 fps adopted in 1905 .

    Of course the first Smokeless cartridge was the 8mm Lebel seeing as how it was the French who invented smokeless propellants, hmmm pity they could develop a decent rifle to go with it . Americas first smokeless cartridge was the 30-40 Krag in about 1892.

    Then again the Springfield saw little use in WW1 as America didn't have enough of them so the used an adaption of the Enfield P-14 which they called the US Rifle model 1917 adopted in 1917 of course by which time WW1 was almost over having started back in 1914 so the Springfield can hardly have won WW1 .

    Now our "friend" Gary was probably chosen because he din't know how to shoot a Le Enfield properly so would make Gunny look better if they had got one of the chaps who shoot the "Mad Minute" at Bisley it would have made ole Gunny look even lamer than he did. Anyone who shoots a Le Enfield with any frequency knows that you don't need to take the but from the shoulder to cycle the bolt. Now in fairness Gary did quite well with the stripper clips. He must have found some good ones as he did far better than I do with stripper clips in the 303 those SA parkerised ones grip those cases like Sh** to a blanket or Gordon brown with the truth .......................... they just don't wanna let go .

    I sold my last military le Enfield soem years ago now as I didn't like it much. It was a No4T sans scope and I just didn't get on with it much prefering the No1 LE but darn it durign a peroid of unemployment I had to sell my SSA No1mk111 which was a beauty .

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