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Thread: What noises work best to stop fallow?

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    What noises work best to stop fallow?

    I was up in my high seat a couple of hours ago. A buck, two to three years old came out on the track in front of me at about 100m. I struggled to get my bloody safety off as it walked to 80m then turned broadside. I made a oyy oyy !! but maybe the sound was carried away because he just walked off into cover. So what do you reckon the best noise is to stop a deer.

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    click BANG lol, sometimes it doesn't matter what you do it doesnt work. I tend to bark, atb wayne
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    Yeah, my cross wires were following him but he just didn't pause, so no shot. Now i can't get him out of my head, i reckon you make a song out of that.

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    i bark it normally works

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    Bark like a dog or bark like a fallow alarm.

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    try to be more like a deer than a dog but a roe or red bark may work but like pointed out sometimes the only thing to stop it will be a .270 through the chest

    kneeling on the Buttelo; dropping your shooting sticks & standing on the dog have been tested and found not effective

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    Bark like a dog or bark like a fallow alarm.
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    Whistle, you know they don,t have to stop though ?

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    I find a number of things work, but it all depends on how far away the deer is. If it's close a "fox call" like squeak works, or clicking through the side of the mouth to make a noise similar to what I can only describe as that of a magpie will usually stop the beast. Failing that I shout "Hey" and that works a treat but you've got to be ready as it won't hang around long after!!

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