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Thread: out tonight

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    out tonight

    Went out tonight with a mate on one of his permissions local to us looking for an buck that we had seen during the does and was getting a bit past it, My mate had left him for a few years to propagate his genes but this year his time had come. We have seen him a few times since the start of the season but hes always won the battle of wits either being in a place where there was no shot or hes winded us while standing unseen and barked letting the whole valley know our intention. We set off tonight full of hope, it was a great night to be out, warm, touch of sun now and again and the gentlest of breezes from the south.ideal. we glassed the edge of the strip he frequents and picked up a doe just emerging from the wood having a stretch then wandering of away from us, so we made our way to the wood edge fenceline and slowly stalked along worried we would bump the doe and give ourselves away but we never saw her again, as I was glassing in front of us my mate tapped me on the shoulder motioning out into the field about 100yds off the wood edge, and there he was, our buck, but he was not alone, he had a challenger to the throne with him and they were going at it, standing off each other seemingly unconcerned one minute then scrapping for all they were worth the next. The decision was made to take them both if we could so we crawled out across the open pasture hoping the bucks would stay interested in each other and not us, we closed the ground slowly inching forward until we were around 120 yds from them on a small rise and my host very kindly said I could take the biggest one so I placed the crosshairs of the Schmidt on the usual high heart/lung shot exhaled and held then squeezed the trigger, the 55 grain softpoint from the 223 found its mark, the buck jumped and made about 10 yds before collapsing stone dead. At his demise the challenger took his moment and ran at the downed animal standing over him. I passed the rifle to my host who took the other cleanly, felling him next to the first with a shot to the same place. After the usual handshake we approached and checked each beast before the Gralloch .Only when we got there did we see what a cracking head the bigger buck had, all in all a fairly easy end to what has been a worthy opponent, we both loaded him in the landy with a tinge of sadness beneath the elation. As Im no trophy expert can anyone advise if its worth getting this one measured ??
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    Looks a possible medal to me, as always it will depend on the weight and volume, either way a fine buck. The challenger looks quite a bit older as well. Very well done. FM.

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    Nice buck Al,was it on the TOFTS?
    I think i recognise him often seen in the longmoss and have left him be for the past couple of years,but they know no bounderies i guess
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    i would definately send him for measuring , you ahve nothing to loose ! still a cracking result ..

    cheers lee

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    Quote Originally Posted by nell View Post
    Nice buck Al,was it on the TOFTS?
    I think i recognise him often seen in the longmoss and have left him be for the past couple of years,but they know no bounderies i guess
    hi Tony, if it is the one then you have my utmost apologies but there is one roughly the same size i've seen moving up that strip that comes up from the splash down the valley from the whinny bank onto the tofts. we've been seeing the one i got this year since it was in velvet always near that back strip that we beat down for kirkton and G has seen it in past years at least he thinks its the same beast. i'll give you a bell at the weekend.


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    Pretty certain its him,often seen him cross from the Owl wood, watched him rutting last year, feared it might happen when i heard G had picked up the stalking last year,but as i said they dont realise they are crossing a boundry....

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    Aye, I agree, if he was mine I'd definitely get him measured, a cracking animal for North of the border, Scone soon??

    Well done.

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    Couple of nice beasts there fella well done.

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    Jim - cracking looking head and a fine trophy whether it makes a medal or not. It is very difficult to determine from a photograph but after measuring many heads for friends and customers over the years I can offer you some points to consider before having it measured, bearing in mind it needs to dry for 3 months before hand. With the whole skull, less the bottom jay you would need a weight of approx 455g for Bronze. Silver @ 510g and Gold @ 540g. Cut skull, Bronze @ 365g, Silver @ 420g Gold @ 450g. that is not all that is required though, good colour, length and pearling needs to be there as well. Yours looks to have good length and colour.
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    thanks for the replies guys, monarch, i didnt know you could get a head measured after it was cut, whats the best option, whole or cut ?


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