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Thread: Bullet Clear Out

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    Bullet Clear Out

    Need to rationalise bullet stock that is unsuitable for current rifles, so I have the following to pass on:-

    200 x Sierra GameKing 6.5mm (.264) x 130 Gn HPBT - 100pcs/box at 25 per box
    SOLD - 150 x Nosler Ballistic Tip Hunting 7mm (.284) x 140 Gn - 50pcs/box at 20 per box
    SOLD - 200 x A-Max 6.5mm x 120 Gn - 100/box at 25 per box.

    Face to Face transaction of course, Buyer with appropriate quantities and calibre on FAC - located in mid Sussex but will deliver or meet within reasonable distance.

    PM if interested, and thanks for looking.
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    You may already be aware, the A -max can go in the mail, Steve.
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    The Sierra Gamekings are still available if any one is interested.

    200 x Sierra GameKing 6.5mm (.264) x 130 Gn HPBT - 100pcs/box at 25 per box

    Thanks for looking

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