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    First Sika

    I just had a great day even though the weather was pretty bad for seeing Deer... When I booked the 7th November for a days stalking with a local guy I had no idea that the weather was going to be as bad as it was.....

    I met Jason from Thornhill Deer Management at 7am... 3 minutes drive from my house to our first stalk (thats a lie in for me).... We braved the rain and high winds for about 45 minutes whilst watching 7 Roe Does on the neighbours field sheltering from the wind. It was my idea that we would be better off in his kitchen with a hot drink, so we called it and headed home..

    After a good breakfast and a lot of laughs we changed our plans and headed to a couple of Jason's other grounds. The weather had improved and so had our chances......All I can say is we saw a lot of Deer,,,,, but I had my heart set on a Sika. So we headed down to Jason's ground in an area known for huge Deer numbers. Jason had said that we should stand a good chance.

    We arrived at the ground and saw a group of Sika Hinds in the distance, but they were not hanging about. Even with the wind in our faces and thick cover covering our approach they had clocked us. Jason had been very clear with what, and where he wanted me to shoot before we started our stalk. So with a range of over 140 meters I got into a good position as the Sika took one final look in our direction before disappearing into the adjacent wood.
    I squeezed the trigger and heard a clean thump. The Sika Hind took 10 or so paces before falling to the ground....

    I had a great day out with Jason and I highly recommend him as a guide. He has lots of ground with lots of Deer. I only had a glimpse on a very wet and windy day, imagine what would we have seen if the weather was a little more clement.
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    Hi Dameon. Glad it came good in the end and sounds like you had a memorable stalk. I thought readers might like to know how to book with Thornhill. You can get more info and book by sending me a p.m or visit the facebook page for info and photos in the link below. Hope to see more of you in the future. ... I have to add, it is Roe stalking that is offered and that you come to stalk but as you found out there is sometimes a chance of Sika!
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