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Thread: Greco ammo

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    Greco ammo

    Hi can anyone on sd tell me what geko ammo is like

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    Good shoots well in most of my cals for deer and reasonably priced 20-30 a box

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    If it's the .243 105's you're interested in I have a couple of boxes waiting for me at Bushwear to test that I'll be collecting on Tuesday. You'd be welcome to try a few at cost.

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    Geco is RUAG's "budget" ammo (after RWS and NORMA - which certainly aren't cheap!)

    It is German made - for all I know it may be made on the same production lines as RWS itself - it certainly comes in the same boxes. It does have its own headstamp though.

    The 170 grain roundnose were fairly consistent in my 308, although as my homeloads were tighter I haven't ever used it on game.

    I'm no expert, but the quality seems very high, and it was the cheapest deer legal factory 308 I was able to buy prior to attending DSC1.

    The brass stands up very well to being reloaded - some of mine have been fired 3 or 4 times and are still good to use.

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    In .308 it shot about 25mm @100m and for 53 for a box of 50 it was cheap, the guy who sold me the rifle said they were good rounds on red deer.

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    I use the 105g in my 243 good round very accurate thou, may not suit all rifles due to its weight in this calibre not overly savage when it comes to meat damage on smaller deer such as muntjac but certainly man enough for the larger species such as fallow at 20-24 pounds a box its a no brainer

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    It's good and consistent. I use 140g with the .270 and have no issues

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    I use the 165gr soft point in my 7x64 and found them very good, rifle prefers them to anything else I've tried through it.

    Also use the 55gr balistic tips in my 223 Rem.

    Guess you could say I like it....
    "He who drags the deer has the last laugh (mainly because he has to get his breath back)"

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    as the above, i've found it excellent in my 308

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