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Thread: Now we know who to vote for:

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    Now we know who to vote for:

    This is from the manifesto of a UK party seeking election today:

    We will amend the Firearms Acts to repeal the pistol ban, which has
    both completely failed to reduce armed crime and crippled our
    country's ability to compete in the pistol shooting events in the
    Olympic and Commonwealth Games, while depriving law-abiding
    householders of the ability to defend their homes with one of the most
    suitable weapons available. We will also remove the legal anomaly that
    requires antique-patterned muzzle-loading firearms to be licensed and
    registered as if they were modern weapons, when the originals can be
    bought over the counter. Since the technology is long obsolete, we will
    follow the path of most European countries by removing this
    bureaucratic requirement.

    We will amend the 1988 Criminal Justice Act to prevent law-abiding
    people from being prosecuted for the simple act of having sharp or
    pointed objects in their possession. This Act has led to perverse court
    rulings resulting in innocent people being convicted for carrying the
    tools of their trade and other non-weapons, and it has done nothing to
    reduce violent crime.

    Throughout our first term in office we will work to further reduce and
    eliminate bureaucratic and legal barriers to lawful self-defence and
    peaceful participation in the shooting sports.

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    We might, if we knew whose manifesto it was??

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    The Libertarian Party. A lot of their other policies seem quite sensible and, as you might imagine, some seem totally unworkable but their general tone seemed to sit well with the personal opinions of many on here in terms or personal responsibility and so on. The full manifesto is here:

    Somehow I don't see them winning, but I thought it was an interesting diversion from the usual old rubbish.

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