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Thread: 30 06 R.Famage m98 info

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    30 06 R.Famage m98 info

    hey guys,
    Just looking at a old Mauser 98 in 30 06, from what i can tell its an ex military refurb from South America. any info would be appreciated. Here is a link to the gun with all the info. I'm not concerned about pricing, more are they OK.

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    These are Mausers in the format of the 1924, like the Yugo 24/47. They were made for Columbia by DWM, Steyr and Brno. If you can take a good photo of the crest, it will tell you the maker and sometimes even the factory.

    Colombia rebored and rechambered these themselves from 7x57mm to .30-06, or rebarreled them with .30-06 barrels from FN. They have been fed a diet of USGI NATO ammunition, so have fun with them. You may be shocked at how accurate they are, once you get used to the sights.
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    Thanks for that info, the dealer sold it, but he has a FN Mauser in 3006 he's putting up for sale, similar condition he said. Are ex mil FN mausers a good thing?

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    All FN Mauser rifles, if "as made" will be good. A club member had one of these 30-06 carbines about thirty plus years ago. Short barrels +full power military 30-06 M2 ball ammunition = light up the sky! Hoping you have good ear protection!

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