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Thread: S&B vs Vortex

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    S&B vs Vortex

    Hi all. Not sure if this has been done before, but looking at scopes at the moment and wondering what you get for your money with a S&B classic 8x56 compared to a similar priced Vortex scope that offers variable mag, illuminated reticle and loads of adjustability. Is the glass in the S&B really that good? Or conversely so poor in the vortex that they need to offer loads of extras.

    I like simplicity, and the S&B couldn't be much simpler, but I like the variable adjustment and illumination in the vortex as well. I also can't find a dealer within 200miles that stocks both so can't do a comparison myself. Does anyone have any views or experience with them?

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    It's like comparing a Mercedes to a Ford :-)
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    No It's like comparing a Mercedes to a Trabant ! .......and yes S&B glass is really that good.

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    +1 S&B glass is awesome mate.

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    I've got both, S&B is a stalking scope, fixed 8x56 excellent for its intended use, vortex is used for target, 6-24 with target turrets. Great for hitting small things a long way away.
    both good for what I use them for.

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    That seems pretty clear then!!

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    Just to add some contrast to the mix, I once looked through some top end vortex bins, and was very very impressed with the view (to MY eyes) I would certainly say close to my ageing 6x42 Hungarian Schmidt scope. Didn't get to spend very long, and would be interested to try again in failing light, but first impressions were good.

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    Cheers Tuck. I have some low end vortex bins myself and am impressed by the glass, hence this post.

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