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Thread: bmh = hip scores

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    bmh = hip scores

    i all ,
    i have been looking for what seems an age ,at getting a bmh pup for working with . been in touch about countless number of litters from all over the country , having had dogs of all types mostly working breeds but also others for as long as i can remember, have yet to come across a breed where it seems nobody is concerned or bothered to get a hip score testing on either side sorted , all have been kc reg (who advise its done before breeding) many are from working lines which if like my dogs, work very hard at times ! and are very active the rest of the time. i feel hip scoring is a must to avoid any necessary risk although i know its not a guarantee .
    so my question is ??
    are there any breeders that do ?
    where are they ?
    or is it pay up and take a chance?


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    The KC ABS does not list any health test requirements for the BMH so you are highly unlikely to find any health tested parents if KC are not saying there is a requirement to do so.
    This indicates that currently there are no concerns about the breed.
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    Hi Jason , it doesn't look good , the BVA stats show that only 45 BMH's have been hip scored through their scheme , see Here
    Having said that the Bavarian Mountain Hound Society of Great Britain recommends that dogs are tested prior to breeding so it may be worth
    contacting them for advise on breeders that do test ,they have a page on selecting a breeder and list both hip dysplasia and epilepsy as issues within the breed.
    They also run training groups at Halwill on a monthly basis.

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    Googling indicates instances of hip displasia, eye problems & epilepsy. - Not many - but some. I hear that there are also some instances of temperament issues.


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    As with everything in life you only find things if you go looking! I would certainly want any pedigree dogs parents to have been hip scored

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    currently in the uk the BMH is not in a good place, there are many problems with this breed in the uk from skin conditions to agression issues resulting in dogs being put down. epilepsy is also high on the list and this list continues to grow, many people breeding from a very small gene pool in the uk and many end up needing new homes. I am talking from my own experience with this breed and would ask anyone in the uk to seriously think about what the future holds for this amazing breed,
    jason if you truly want a bgs and have the work for one please get in touch and go down the KBGS route for aquiring a hound from the correct sources which have this breed to heart, atb wayne
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    I have a BMH bitch KC registered and both parents were hip scored. I was put into the breeder through the Barvarian Mountain Hound Society. I was looking for over a year for the right hound and came across a lot of what was obviously bad breeding practices while I was looking. If and when I breed from my hound I will most probably look abroad to widen the gene pool.

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    Like mereside has indicated bmh is quite nearly ruined in this country it's because of ourselves that has caused it. People wanting status dogs instead of wanting a dog to do a true justice. I did seriously contemplate a few years back a bmh but was advised against it. This I firmly believe was excellent advice and experience.
    My mate imported a hannovarioan the other year and will not breed from her because of the situation knowing full well what would happen.
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    so it seems it is as i feared , the breed is going to collapse on itself through poor breeding practice or the lure of easy cash ,after having gsd's for 20+ yrs, i am well aware of how these problems multiply where the gene pool so very close, i refuse to pay top money just to encourage what i call poor breeding and adding to the problem, with the dogs health being my main concern is why i am still looking
    thanks for your views and advise !!


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    Not just bmh but all breeds as I'm sure your already aware. Our own acts of selfishness and greed wanting sooner rather than waiting, doing the breed justice and our own piece of mind has brought huge trouble to the bmh. I take my hat off to the UKSHA.
    Live not long gained anther teckel. How ever this one is a mini wired haired. The owner/breeder done the PRA and sent Lafora tests off to Canada because these issues are creeping into this breed. Bloody tv adverts don't help. What annoys me is people say I want a puppy. Not often do I hear I want a dog.

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