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Thread: Ruger No.1 45/70

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    Ruger No.1 45/70

    After 4months for my variation got the nod from plod for the Ruger,a ,98 gun thats only been used at Bisley!Got a nice Zeiss 6x42 to go on top ...hoping that 80mm is enough eye relief! Watch out Reds........

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    Not big enough!
    Go for a .460

    Seriously that is one helluva gun. The action is strong enough for some proper loads too.
    You can use Mauser bolt action loads for it and it will be treading on the heels of the .458 Win.
    Any wild elephants in the UK?

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    Congratulations! This is a heavy barreled rifle, so recoil is not much until you really stoke it up.

    The No.1 comes with a nice quarter rib and iron sights. The rear sight leaf will fold down out of the way for an aperture sight at the rear or a scope.

    Warne makes QR rings to fit the integral dovetails.

    New England Custom Guns sells a nice adjustable aperture sight which fits the rear dovetail, also quick off and back on. They also offer an assortment of blades for the front sight, which change easily, slipping in a dovetail in line with the barrel and locking with a little screw.

    The 6x40mm has plenty of eye relief for normal loads, but heavy loads you should shoot standing, not from the bench. Use a standing rest. Several of my friends use scopes on their .45-70s: a cheap 3-9x40 on one, but others use inexpensive Bushnell 1.5x4x32 made for slug guns with long eye relief and 4A reticle. Another uses the Burris 2-7x35 with BDC, and another the Nikon Prostaff 2-7x35. They mainly use them with lighter loads for deer, (300-gr Hornady XTP at 1,800 fps), or hogs (405-gr at 1,800+ fps), but one took his ( a Marlin 1895) to Idaho for a spot and stalk Spring season bear, and took a huge one at 150 yards with the open sights.

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    I have a Siamese Mauser in 45-70. You can certainly step on accelerator with that rifle, and the Ruger, but bear in mind that it isn't really necessary, and brass life goes into the tank. ( Even here 45-70 brass isn't cheap!) Then, there is the recoil factor: So often you see guys heading to the range with stout 45-70 loads in their pack and their cajones in a wheel barrow, only to see them leave after a few rounds: their Ego and other parts shriveled back to pocket size after a dunk in the chilly water of reality and recoil!
    I hope you enjoy that Ruger. If you want some fun, buy some pre-made .457" diameter round balls and load them over a light charge of Unique powder. Makes a great off-hand plinking round. Very accurate in many rifles.

    And the scope? Lose it.Get a straight 2, 3 or 4X. You don't need glass that big IMO. ~Muir

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    Good advice on not scoping it, yet. You will never use over 4x if you put on a variable, anyway.

    A good scope with a long tube, for fitting any rifle, and standing up to heavy African rifles, is the Swift Reliant, 1.25-4x20mm IIRC, only $120.00.

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    Thank you,ll for the info much appreciated,I already have 2x Ruger No Stainless Laminate .243 and the International in 7x57...I have a 4x32 Ruger fixed ,got it for 10!I am only using factory loads initially..we will see how they go....

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    Back in the late 90s i competed in a 60 shot Quigley match at the Diggle with a 45-70 1874 Pedersoli Sharps
    Load was a 520gr Postel bullet pushed along by a stout charge of RS Pyrodex.
    That was not easy on the shoulder, i inteded to shoot the Sharps some more the next day but one shot was enough for me to put the it away for the rest of the morning.
    One of my friends at the time turned up at Minsterly with a No1 in 45-70 and some special loads made up just for me to try!!
    "You like 45-70 dont you Ian" he said "Try These"
    @#+* me they were fierce, 400grn JHP bordering on low end 458 win ballistics!
    To keep face i shot off all ten, prentending to enjoy it but it wasnt very pleasant.


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    Hopefully I will be taking one shot at a time!

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    I went plinking with a stoked up Marlin 45-70 the morning after a heavy night at a 21st. NOT pleasant! Made huge holes in the soft clay bank though.

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    I'm going to put a Leupold VX III 1.7-6x32 witch I used on my 30-06 on my Marlin 45-70 for boar shooting.

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