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Thread: Self catering accommodation near Inverness (stalking would be nice)

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    Self catering accommodation near Inverness (stalking would be nice)

    At the minute I'm just looking around to see the lie of the ground but it is just possible that I might have a week in late October or early November and might be interested in some self catering accommodation in the Inverness area, say within 45 minutes or an hour of Inverness. Now the main purpose will be for a bit of a break with my girlfriend but if some stalking was available then I might be up for it, even if it were just a few evenings or something that wasn't too much of a "disruption" to the holiday. I don't do mornings, I don't care if it is the best time to see deer, I do not get out of bed before 0900 when on holiday, this situation will not change. Needless to say we are talking about hinds/does in view of the time of year but I'm not too worried about species.

    Also my girlfriend has never fired a rifle so somewhere with a range where she might give it a try and, if taken with it, might get out with a sympathetic stalker to try for her first deer might be nice though that is very much an aside as it might never happen but no harm in floating the idea.

    Still in the very early planning stages but any recommendations or pointers gratefully received though I'm probably not in a position to book anything for a little while yet.

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    Contact David Brown from this site, very nice location and has what you're after.

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    Thanks for that TJ, I knew I'd seen somewhere recommended on here and that is the very place.

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    If you dont have any luck there matey, theres a guy in Ardersier who takes people out, very cheap, lots of deer on his ground, some great wildlife and nice stalking. And its super cheap! Think his name is John, he has a B&B, I went out with him beginning of April, saw about a dozen deer, saw my first pine marten too!

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    Thanks for that flyingfisherman, I would like to try and avoid that area if I can. I know it is a lovely part of the world and have connections in the Nairn valley but I'm sort of looking for somewhere that feels a bit more remote. However, I will keep it in mind as I'm at the very early stages of a plan and have no idea how it might work out.

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    We stayed here last November, 10mins from Glenfeshie estate, 15 mins from Alvie estate and not far from the estate that Louis Viton owns.
    6 miles from Aviemore ski resort.
    "It's halfway down the hill, directly below that tree next to a rock that looks like a bell-end"

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    Thanks for that suggestion Si, I will investigate some more as it looks nice. I'm amazed that anywhere near Aviemore can look nice :-)

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