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    Night vision

    Hi all

    First off apologies if you've heard all this before but I'm new to this so please forgive my ignorance

    I'm looking to put a day/night scope on my Ruger .17HMR currently debating between the ATN x-sight and the Armasight drone pro does anybody have any experience of the 2 and would mind sharing them before i commit to what could be a costly mistake

    Is the Armasight twice as good as the ATN, because it is twice the money????

    Or will the ATN do everything I need knocking over bunnies at up to 100yds

    I'm in the Oxford area and if anyone local would like to meet for a pint and a chat I'll buy the first round....

    Many thanks for any help

    Best regards Reebo

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    if its just out to 100yds,i would consider a photon 6.5 ,if you can get hold of one without the bezel they are putting on them now,you could add a doubler to increase the mag

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    The drone pro is fantastic, but for sub 100 is probably more than you need

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    If you can get the drone pro x5 with the doubler for later should you need more range, go for it,

    There are a lot of threads with problems with the newer photons, I would go for the drone but with the 5:8 base mag, then if you step,up you will be able to use the added mag with the doubler,

    I have not been that impressed with the newer photons, but I was happy with the first one they had but since having the drone pro x 5 I'm as happy as Larry,


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    Have you thought about a Digi NV add on for a day scope ? The Ward D Vision 700 is mustard.

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    I go past Oxford weekly so if you want to have a chat I am more than happy to talk you through the various options. Advantages and disadvantages. My stuff is all tubed but have played with a number of the digital systems.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    I use and have a lot of success with the Yukon Photon 5x42 and at the moment you can pick up one for around 200 , I have shot literally thousands of rabbits using it and I have shot a number of foxes , however I will be doing a review on alternatives soon and I have done a couple of reviews on my facebook group

    We also build Night vision alscope add ons
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    there are lots of "how to" videos on youtube showing how to make a digital add on NV setup, mine cost in the region of 110 and works well out to several hundred yards, or put another way I can see the rabbits waaaaay beyond the range I can shoot them with .22LR
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