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Thread: Tikka 595 recoil/butt pad

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    Tikka 595 recoil/butt pad

    Evenin' all,

    I'm looking for a half decent take-off pad from a wooden stocked Tikka 595, - so if anybody has recently fitted a new after market one,
    could you let me know,

    cheers, Tedward.

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    Still looking guys, - anybody know of one ?
    cheers, Tedward.

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    Nobody planning on replacing their original one with a Santa's special ?
    cheers, Tedward.

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    click the uk link enter 595 recoil pad and sit down, 86? WTF,

    there you go.

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    Is this the soft one or hard plastic one that you are after ?

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    Hi bobjs,
    yes indeedy, - that's why I was after a take off one.

    Hi BillW,
    would be interested in either, if they're off a wooden stocked 595.

    many thanks to both of you,
    cheers, Tedward.

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