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Thread: Stock re-finishing work.

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    Stock re-finishing work.

    I am currently in a dispute with a member of this site over work carried out on a rifle stock at my request. The member concerned, at the moment shall remain nameless.
    Unfortunately there can be no truly amicable resolution for either party as I have been left with an item which in my opinion has been permanently damaged and the person involved must accept responsibility. if this post prevents one SD member in the UK experiencing the same treatment in the future by this person, it has been worth my time and effort in writing.
    If this matter evolves into the legal action I have been threatened with then so be it.
    The rifle is a 2012 model Anschutz 1712 silhouette sporter in 22lr, purchased brand new in mint unmarked condition albeit with an unattractive lacquered finish. On discussion by phone with the member on 09/05/15, the work requested was a stock strip and refinish in London oil. I was given an estimated turnaround time of 4 to 6 weeks. Luckily, 23 "before" photos were taken prior to posting on the 11th, being received on 12/05/15. The stock was finally returned on 13/10/15, 5 MONTHS later.
    I am not going to publish the content of all the correspondence throughout the intervening period as I will allow the member a small amount of professional dignity for the moment.
    In my opinion the work carried out has damaged and devalued my rifle immensely, although all 4 panels of chequering are damaged, when buying a gun of any description one of the most obvious indicators as to the amount of use and handling is immediately evident in the chequering on the pistol grip. The work is certainly not worth the 245 I was forced to pay, up front, before it was returned.
    On 23/10/15 I wrote expressing my issues with the damaged panels and overall poor finish, giving the member 14 days to refund me in full in order to have the stock re stripped, refinished and all 4 panels of the chequering re cut at an estimated cost of 250 by a gunsmith. Understandably I did not want to return my stock back to the same person as I obviously have serious concerns over his capabilities.
    On 06/11/15 (day 14) I sent the member a text message reminder. I will quote word for word 3 statements from the text message response.
    1, I have never had one bad word said about my stock refinishing.
    2, The checkering panels were covered on finishing, I would NEVER go near with sandpaper like you accuse me of.
    3, I stand 1,000% behind my work and all my clients will too.
    As an engineer myself the term "Witness Mark" should, by the photos be self explanatory. After 15 years running my own business, dealing with the occasional difficult, dishonest person becomes a formality. The Truth, as they say, will out.
    I intend to deal with this matter in the following manner.
    The member responsible mans up and "swallows his pride" (his quote, not mine). Accepts responsibility. Publicly apologises and refunds me in full the 245 and 12 postage I believe I am owed.
    If this is done by the members own volition I will personally request the thread is closed when the refund is cleared back into my account. We can both then put this down to bad experience and move on.
    There is no time limit but I reserve the right to disclose further evidence or information at any time should the need arise. The stock will remain in "as is" condition as evidence until resolved.
    Obviously the longer this thread runs the more negative publicity will be generated.
    As there are now over 15,000 members of this site I am politely requesting the following assistance. Please study the before and after photos and post your own, honest opinion of the evidence.
    "Sanded" or "Not sanded" will suffice. No further personal comments regarding the work are required please.
    Thank you for reading and hopefully participating in this post, my intention is in the future someone else will benefit from my unfortunate experience and the same thing will never happen again. Photos to follow. Regards. D.

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    Can't see any photos mate sorry

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    Hi It looks as if chequering is full of the new oil finish, and been allowed to set. Similar thing happened to me when I done it on a shotgun stock myself.

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