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Thread: shotgun fitting suggestions for west London?

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    shotgun fitting suggestions for west London?

    There's several shooting grounds in the west London area offering gun fitting services. Rather than picking one randomly I wondered if anyone here had a recommendation or suggestion from experience. Thanks.

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    I have used in the past West London and Holland's also. I have just re-used Holland's. I think that they offer the best service as they have the best set up to do a fitting including the traditional plate. Also they will give you measurements to both THEIR stocking style and to the more conventional stocking style. Holland's stocking style is to have the butt cricket bat shaped with a hollow, as it were, for the cheek. It is very comfortable but as you get older or want to pass the gun on it is not able to be then altered by bending. However as they also will give measurements for the conventional style (and did for me the on both times) I'd have no hesitation to recommend them as better than West London.

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    That's very interesting about the H&H fitting style. I've not come across this before but I can see that it would make sense (if a bit eccentric) as it would allow the stock & barrels to remain in truer alignment. Do you have any photographs? I couldn't find anything doing a search.
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    Not West London I know but my wife had her shotgun fitted by Charlie Stewart-Wood at Atkin Grant & Lang. He did a great job and her shotgun fits "like a glove". They have gunsmiths on site and occasionally offer a "while you wait" service. They're in St Albans so aren't far from West London.
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    I used Holland & Holland good morning out

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    I used ej Churchill and well happy. They took the time to correct my stance first. Then fitted me.
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    Sorry no pictures but you end up with some extra measurements that you wouldn't get from a fitting for a conventional stocking style where the butt is like the rudder on a ship.

    So with an H & H you will get an extra cast measurement at the face as well as at the comb and at the heel. So for a conventional style and a H & H syle see below:

    COMB 1/16" HEEL 1/4"

    COMB 1/16" FACE x/x" HEEL 1/4"

    Thus on a conventional it will be a straighht line along the top of the stock from the comb to the heel. On a Holland's style it will be swept a little bit at that FACE measurement point.

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    Go and see Tony Fletcher at Churchills ( also known as fletch) top bloke
    and also a very good instucture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunner223 View Post
    Go and see Tony Fletcher at Churchills ( also known as fletch) top bloke
    and also a very good instucture.
    Not used him for gun fitting but he's an excellent instructor.

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    Thanks all, some great suggestions. I can't take my own gun as I'm living in Devon but working in London for a few months. Still a novice shooter so thought I'd treat myself to a gun fit and get an idea of what might need changing on my current gun. It's not at all an excuse to say 'well my current gun doesn't fit so I should obviously buy one that does'

    I'm never going to be able to afford a Holland & Holland, or Churchill gun though, I've an old second hand beretta so either a newer version or similar is about the most I'm likely to aspire too.

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