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Thread: Hunting Aftica? Costs?

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    Hunting Aftica? Costs?

    So having always wanted to go to Africa at some point I was just wondering on here what the general costs are? I feel like it's probably a "how long is a piece of string" kind of question

    my questions are:
    what's the general cost of a trip?
    best time to go hunting?
    how do you choose a hunting venue? Country and outfitter? Any recommendations?

    id be keen to go for something along the lines of a nyala/kudu/springbok/waterbuck hunt and not actual "big game" stuff. I've also noticed that some of these places offer packages. Is that the norm or best avoided?

    any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm thinking if I book well ahead, flights and so on would be a lot cheaper. I'd probably have any trophies brought back and mounted here so it's all these extra costs that are hard to gauge.

    any tips or advice is greatly appreciated!

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    Have a look at the big game hunting opportunities that outfitters are offering on here.

    That should give you an idea on cost, length of safari, what's included, etc.

    I hunted SA a few years ago, PM me if you would like more info.

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    There are some excellent packages I've seen on here and on Your right about the 'piece of string' question look at your budget then subtract flights, firearm carriage or rifle rent and tips then select a package some outfitters charge a daily rate and trophy fees, so be sure exactly what your getting in to. Don't forget if you take trophys dip and ship will cost roughly the same as your package from experience. Maybe look at cull hunts to keep costs down whilst still retaining the experience factor. I have rifle and bow hunted with kei river safaris and can highly recommend them. Whomever you choose I'm sure they will talk you through what's best.

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    Thanks for the replies! If I was to ask it the other way around.. If I didn't want to scrimp and do it on a budget, how much money would I be generally looking to save up for a normal hunting holiday? Do most people go for a week or how long? Interested to hear any feedback and experiences.

    thanks again for the replies!

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    Enough reading and info to keep you entertained for days.

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    Hi mate I've done 9 hunting safaris in Africa up to 8 weeks a time wich are long but id say personally you'd want to go for atleast 7 days hunting as a absolute minimum. I personally don't like these package hunts but that's cause I'm I'm particular on what I hunt that's all. I'd say you want to spent like 7,000 on the hunt itself as a minimum ideally atleast 10,000 or more if you can. I wouldn't waste your time on these culling hunts they offer as there not really a safari in my opinion.but it all depends on your budget you can easily spend 20,000 if you start shooting decent animals. Like I say it's just my opinion. Ive taken over 130 plus big trophy plains game animals from Africa and that's not including all the small stuff and baboons and monkeys. Pm me for any info if you want. Luke padberg

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    When you first go to Africa you will get the bug.
    I now find that I go two times a year.
    I would reckon my in country spend for 5 days hunting and getting airport to airport service is the same as I would pay for 3 days driven boar in Europe.
    The flight is more but the buzz is so much more.

    Now, Dip&ship will cost the same as the animal you shot to get back. Add your taxidermist of choice here in the UK and you will find that, excluding flight, you have doubled your cost of the whole trip if you bring everything.

    Best advice that I can give on "trophy" is to take one or two that you can fit in your house. These will be the ones that "represent" all your memories on this trip and all your others in the future. Your future will become more cheaper


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    Hi Wildfowler,

    Don't do it - if you do, you'll get bitten and want to go again….and again…..and again……… I'm what you might call a newbie to hunting in Africa having hunted in Namibia and SA for trophy and cull animals since 2013. You need to decide on how much you want to spend and what you want to achieve from your safari? Do you want to hunt a specific animal? Do you want the 'big Africa' experience, How much time do you have - I would suggest 5-7 hunting days as a minimum? Are you after a trophy to bring home (can be very expensive as mentioned in another post) and do you have room to display it - we all have eyes like kids in a sweetshop when hunting, but when you get the beast home…..well thats another matter so spending lots of money on a trophy which will never see the light of day is a bit of a waste. Management hunts can be just as exiting and a lot cheaper. A HUGE amount rests on your choice of hunting outfitter. I've been with several different operators and can certainly recommend some to you. If you would like to have a chat drop me a PM. In the meantime you might like to have a look at the offers Guy Swart of Wild Horizons in SA has on this site - under the forum 'Big Game Hunting Opportunities' as that will give you a good feel for the costs involved in a 7 day trophy or cull hunt in South Africa.
    If God didn't want us to have guns, he wouldn't have given us trigger fingers!

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    Hi Wildfowler,

    The best time to go and the proper hunting season is there winter, from March to October. May/ June/ July are the best time depending on area or slightly earlier if you wanted to incorporate some bird shooting into it. Fenced areas can be hunted all year round, but lots of species females do drop there young in the summer, although if your only shooting males that doesn't matter.

    The eastern cape is the most popular as its fairly cheap and easy to fly into PE, northern cape and free state are still cheap but quite difficult to get to.
    KZN and Limpopo do generally give you a awesome african experience with bigger game in the areas but are slightly more expensive. Different areas obviously better for certain species, like the best place to shoot Nyala is Zululand, KZN, or Blue duiker and Cape Kudu in the eastern cape but most areas have imported species they didn't have, into fenced in farms for hunters requirements, so I'm sure there will be plenty of choice.
    Namibia is supposed to be awesome reasonably priced hunting to.

    To ship a trophy home will be nearly as expensive as shooting it, if you happen to shoot a good mountable cull animal it will cost you a lot more to ship it than shoot it.

    The south african hunting industry has been developed around the american market so all about horn inches. So a rowland ward kudu of 54" can be worth at least twice that of a narrow looking 52" kudu with some outfitters. South african hunters only pay a fraction of the cost of the figures quoted by outfitters to foreigners, so shop around.

    They call cull/management hunting biltong hunting, so have search on the internet so get an idea of species prices of the area your thinking of going.
    Have a look at this:
    Karoo Biltongjag Hunting Packages

    These prices include keeping the carcass to eat if you are a south african!

    The rand is nearly 22 to the pound at the moment. See how that relates to what the outfitter wants to charge you, as lots of them use dollar to keep prices high.
    Because its law that as a non south african you have to have a PH with you when hunting, you will have allow for his daily wages on top of that, plus vehicle expenses and luxurious way they treat foreign hunters making up some of the extra cost. But some outfitters charge silly money.

    Good luck, its an awesome place with loads of game. A rifle shooter's paradise in fact. Happy hunting.

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    Thanks for all the replies and PMs, I'll try and write back to all of them individually in due course. I think I would like to shoot 2 or 3 animals for a shoulder mount but didn't appreciate that shipping back was as expensive as shooting something. I assume that just to have something caped/dipped and sent to a taxidermist here then is still a few thousand? Or is it just a small fortune to ship a shoulder mount that was done in Africa?

    Not entirely sure how I feel about fenced areas and released game. I suppose its massive areas so not really "fenced".

    Its pretty daunting trying to work out where to start but all the info has been really helpful!

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