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Thread: 303 for stalking

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    303 for stalking

    I have a Parker Hale Custom No1 which I use for Roe stalking.I was lucky to get it last year with an immaculated bore and in very clean condition.With an S+B 6x42 and my 125gr hand-loads I get about 2 inch groups (although I think this might improve if the trigger had work) Anyone else still using the 303 for stalking?

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    No, but I do have a No.4 that I've thought about using. I don't think I'd want it as my main stalking rifle though.

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    A friend used to. The Parker Hale "Deluxe" converted No4. And for boar and bear. He swore by it. But regularly got ignorant sorts taking the piss exclaiming "Fix Bayonets!" when the mood took them. It had a Nikko Serling Silver Crown 'scope and the mount that was a all metal dummy of the standard No4's rearsight but with milled edges to allow P-H rings to grip it.

    I had my N04, bog standard, also conditioned for deer stalking but in fact never got around to using it for that. With iron sights. So I would not be put off by the idea of using one. They kill well enough as most and much better than other calibres. This I was confident to use only iron sights as I wanted to use it for woodland stalking only.

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    It's not my main stalking rifle, I have a 223 Tikka as well. I'll try to take a roe with the old rifle each year just keep it in use. I had a PH No4 Supreme which did the job very well too.

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    I have a circa 1900 BSA Light Express Rifle that I've used with 174 grain RN bullets.~Muir

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    I love the look of those PH No 1 sporting rifles.
    A friend picked up a nice BSA two years ago.
    I hunt with all my .303 Enfields: No. 1 from 1916 and 1943, No. 4 Mk I, and a MkII, a No. 5, and a No. 2 trainer in .22 LR.

    I never tried a 125-gr bullet, mostly 180-gr RN.

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    The lighter bullet is faster and has less recoil. It works well on roe deer.

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    Client with a Roebuck shot with a restocked N04. in .303

    Click image for larger version. 

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    He has taken quite a few deer with this rifle and 125gr heads.


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    Are you using Sierra 125-gr?
    What powder and load?
    Trying to get more velocity and flatter trajectory, or just a mild load for small deer? What velocity?

    Since I shoot iron sights, I would have to do some experimenting to see what the ranges are at the marks. The 180-gr full loads shoot right to the sights out to 200 yards, same as the 174-gr FMJ.

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    I use a PH #4mk1 for deer and have a #4mk1 complete with #9 bayonet which it ticketed for target shooting, my renewal comes up next year and I'm planning on asking them to put it on my ticket as a deer and boar rifle.

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