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Thread: Ar15 bayonet lug picatinney adapter

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    Ar15 bayonet lug picatinney adapter

    Hi all,

    I am after an adapter that I can connect to the baynet lug on an ar15 which will give me a picatinney rail to attach a bipod to.

    I know there are bipods to attach to the lug, but was hoping to get a rail.

    Does anyone knkw where I can get one, or anyone have a spare for sale.


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    Don't you have any rails on the hand guard?

    Give Neal a call at The Suffolk Rifle Company - Suffolk Rifle Company | Supply of Military style rifles - 07886 415303 - he has most things black rifle and even if it's not on the website he'll probably have one lying around - if not, try Lantac -
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