I have a good friend with one of these and I'm curious to know if any of those reloading this cartrridge for the Sako 85 rifle have noticed a short freebore/throat?

Of course I'm aware the magazine length is a limiting factor, but while testing the fit one of my own dimension cartridges (used in my rifle) in the Sako 85, the round would not chamber (Correct SAAMI F/L sized cases checked in the Sako before a bullet was fitted in a dummy round). The bullet was up against the rifling of the Sako 85 and needed to be seated much deeper.

My own cartridge OAL with a 110gn Accubond bullet is 3.395" (Comparator Ogive dimension is 2.870")

A dummy made up with a 100gn Rem. Core Lokt 100gn bullet at 3.240"(Comparator Ogive dimension 2.837" & slightly longer than book dimension @ 3.100"/3.200" but fitting the magazine easily) would not chamber, with the bullet against the rifling. A round made up at 3.200" OAL does chamber easily.

It just seems to me, there's not much freebore to play with cartridge OAL.
Thoughts & comments?