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Thread: Cocker for tracking

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    Cocker for tracking

    Hello all i have a young cocker dog that i am gonna use for some rough game shooting and wondered if anybody has experiance of using there shall we say 'normal' gundogs for stalking? He is a clever little chap and would like to bring him on more for stalking aswell.


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    By the way would like a BMH but her indoors wont have any of it!!!!!

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    My mates lurcher is as good as any posh 'tracking dog'........with the adde bonus that he'll also find shot foxes and will entertain us on the bunnies!

    a cocker is a good little dog for tracking....the headstalker on the neighbouring estate to where i worked uses his on the hill on occassion aswell as for the roe.

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    Thanks Stephen,

    he's got hell of a nose on him and hope to use him in the next month or two.

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    Cant see why they wouldnt do the job apart from the hyper activity and loathe to sit still.

    Out of interest i tried my cocker on a bit of a trail we laid for a mates hound. Very interested in the initial site and the initial line (so i would think he would do it) but then decided that the bushes were more likely to house something that he would find interesting. Not in the least bit interested in following the line accross more open ground!

    Im sure that with some sympathetic (read easy) trails he would get the idea though so good luck

    Good luck with the training

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    a cocker will take a line and track anything with the right training but they dont fully mature till a least theyre 4 years old and suss out that they dont have to charge about like a banshee looking for stuff my old bitch would walk to heal whilst out stalking and sit and stay every time i stopped without being told and found every deer shot cockers are a very versatile breed and in the right hands will do owt you want them to do + sometime a sh** load of stuff you dont want them to do

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    This is my Cocker, cracking nose on him, never let me down yet. Slowly retiring him now as he is now eleven, his successor is a cracking BMH pup who I got from Mark and Alison (Paint and Pins).

    Enjoy your Cocker he will not disappoint, frustrate is another matter!!

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    I take my young cocker out with most of the time and she is good as gold. She is only young and haven't trained her to track as such yet. Plus it's always nic to have some companyon ship whilst out.

    Good luck hunting with him all the best combed

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    The short answer is yes a cocker will make a fine stalking companion. some of mine work dual purpose but are all primarily used for game shooting.
    If you want it to work deer then in my opinion train in to track first and worry about game later, that will come naturally.
    And ever though they are pocket rockets, good obedience training will steady any dog to the point where it will stay by your side while stalking.
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    One of mine above on a kill.


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