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Thread: wanted staye mannlicher 7mm 08 mag

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    wanted staye mannlicher 7mm 08 mag

    hi has anyone got a magazine for a steye mannlicher 7mm 08 for sale I belive a 308 may fit?

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    Sorry Ken, I can't help you but I was faced with the same situation with a Steyr Mannlicher M in 270 which was offered to me (As a gift) without it's magazine. I found one at The Sportsmans Gun Centre (Pre-owned) for just 24.99 plus 6.00 P&P. I paid for it on the Wednesday and it arrived at my door on Thursday, which in my books is not only a very good price but excellent service. It might be worth giving them a call.
    Good luck with your search, hope you find one.

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    thanks I will try them cheers ken

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