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    Hi, I've decided to get into reloading. I have started to get some bits an pieces together. So far I have purchased from members of the forum. 25-06 lee dies. RCBS powder dropper, lee scales. That's it. Now its coming up to santa time I'm being asked what I want, so I would like to get more loading kit for 25-06 cal.
    Wanted. Loading press, bullet puller, case trimmer, Tumbler or ultrasonic cleaner, digital micrometre. and any thing else you may think I'll need. Must be in good usable condition pennies quite tight as its santa time. please pm me if you have anything you think I'll need. Thanks in advance.

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    You'll need a powder dribbler/trickler.
    I prefer a dial caliper to a digital type. Keep an eye on what Lidl/Aldi have to offer.

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    Block for putting cases in is handy, lube pad or spray, reloading manual. The list could be endless. I got my rcbs reloading kit from tackle and guns at pollockshaws, cheapest I could find at the time. Worth giving them a ring as your nearly local
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    Hi Thanks above list is getting bigger

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    Hi, Thanks for all your PMs all answered.

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    I have a 50 round mtm type case you can have for the cost of the postage if of any use?

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    Reloading manual?
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    give us a bell 01263 732740 if you need any bits/help
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