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    I have a few unopened tubs of N160 that I would like to swap for unopened N133

    Or 70 per kg

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    Hi, I have a tub of vit 133 unopened that I don't need and could do with a tub of N160 for the 243 the only thing is we are a bit far apart as I am in Washington Tyne & Wear, The closest I get is Constable Burton regularly up to February.

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    Shame your far away. If you do make it down here for any reason give me a shout


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    I might be making a trip down to Swillington Shooting Supplies in the near future, could we meet up there. What are you loading for with the 133.


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    N133 is for the .223 with 55 gr v max. Yeah if your nipping down to swilling ton if I'm about I will nip over

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    I had an idea it would be 223, Would you be interested in any other 223 loading gear such as Dies, 200 LAPU CASES NEW, 200 + REM CASES once fired, 98 nosler + 25 Winchester once fired, 200 53 gr V-MAX HEADS.

    I also have just over a kilo and a half of LOVEX DO73.5 that makes a cracking load with the 53 gr V-MAX 27grs with room for improvment that was good in my 12 twist, good as VIT and maybe better.

    Will let you know if I get down. Probably week after next, What day would be best for you.


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    Iwill be away util late Tuesday afternoon.



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    No problem give us ring when your back.


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