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Thread: Save Money on Big Ticket Purchases Across the Eurozone!

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    Save Money on Big Ticket Purchases Across the Eurozone!

    I hope that the title is sufficiently attractive to attract plenty of interest, as is intended.

    In the UK, we are also in Europe, with recognized trade agreements with fellow Eurozone partners. (But, as David Cameron's speech today referred to, it has its issues!)

    What experience do contributors have of comparing prices from retail suppliers in the Eurozone compared with UK retailers for 'big ticket' items?

    Let's take a few examples to cause you to reflect on your experiences and your desires - a high end custom rifle or shotgun, a chiller capable of accommodating several deer, a thermal imaging device - all circa 3000 to 8000.

    Are there savings really to be made? How do we identify Eurozone retailers? Do we have to visit them personally to pay for the item and then go home with the purchase? Or, has it really worked for you on-line?

    What happens if we order such an item? What to Euro exchange rates are best? How do these compare with those on the 'protective terms if something goes wrong' on credit cards? Will there be a nasty timeline and cash import duty shock horror in Customs & Excise Duty? Are there Customs & Excise regulations precluding such imports, including firearms, except through those wholesalers?

    Is it a new time to be liberated and really enjoy cash savings, due to the weakness of the Euro to the , that seems to have slumped by a healthy 20% in a year?

    I remain to be corrected but look forward to your various replies.................

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    If its hit its history / If its missed its a mystery

    A gun is always loaded .A mule always kicks

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    I bought a rifle for just over 3,000 that you can't get cheaper anywhere in the UK than 2950. I bought it face to face from a Eurozone RFD and brought it home in the car. I work in the Eurozone country concerned, so this wasn't a big problem for me. The bureaucracy, due (in this other country just like so often in the UK) to officials (and an RFD) who didn't know their own law that they were supposed to be implementing, was a pain. It took about three months of wrangling.

    I saved about 25% of what would have been the UK selling price. Most people would have to subtract travel costs from that, though I didn't have to. In this case that might have reduced the saving to 15%.

    There are no import/export duties, taxes or fees of any kind within the EU.

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    I was stalking in southern Ireland last weekend and found that clothing, boots etc are around 25% less than the Uk

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    I bought a tractor for work (25K) from Italy and had it brought back by a machinery supplier to the trade. I paid Vat in Italy at the local rate (21%) and the only thing they needed to "import" the tractor where the dimesions and weight for the haulier. It took considerably more time, effort and paperwork to get the unit registered at the DVLA, even though the same tractor can be bought from a UK dealership at 45K+. I did quite a lot of digging around on the subject as I didn't really believe that I could save that much with so little effort.

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    I see that a a Pulsar Quantum Thermal Imager XD 38S retailing in UK at Scott Country at 2,519.95 can be bought at JVS Outdoors of The Netherlands (see for 2,699 that apparently converts to 1,913 representing a 24% saving!

    As another contributor pointed out, there are no taxes or import duty between EU nations.

    So, is this another case of 'Rip Off Britain' that's crept into our particular fieldsport activity?!

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