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Thread: Other people's trophies - any value?

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    Other people's trophies - any value?

    Do other people's trophies have any sale value, or are they only of "value" to the person who shot the animal? We do very occasionally see skulls / mounts / trophies for sale on here, so presumably they're saleable? Maybe just to hang on pub walls?
    Was just wondering as I have a stack of African trophy heads - massive kudu and buffalo, wildebeast, sable antelope, cheater, etc etc. Not mounted, just skulls. I kind of inherited them. Been kicking around in my workshop for years, and have moved house with the whole lot a few times! Interested to know if they're worth anything.

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    They are worth something but a bit of a limited market, my game dealer buys decent Roe trophys so obviously he has a market for them.

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    Any of the Sporting Sales at the auction houses are 'stuffed' with them.

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    eBay, interior design businesses
    auction houses will shift them but you will feel violated when you get the cheque/bill..

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    Well I'm not really that fussed about selling them, to be honest.
    It's just that they're currently in a pile jumbled up with a load of miscellaneous junk, and I thought maybe if they had any value I ought to clean them up a bit and store them properly.
    I suppose I could always hang them up in the ancestral banqueting hall, just to fill the gaps until such time as I get around to shooting my own...

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