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Thread: Beretta kodiak jacket

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    Beretta kodiak jacket

    Wanted beretta kodiak jacket in optifade camo
    size xl
    must be in A1 condition

    Regards Norma

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    Good morning....

    I could get you a new one for about 300€...
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Many thanks 250 from uttings will order on Monday ,just wanted to see if one was languishing in a boot room somewhere .
    cheers N

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    I thought i had a brand new one with a hood and fleece liner in the gun room Norma but it turns out to be a Musto, sorry.

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    The beretta jacket is an excellent choice!!

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    Cheers RD hopefully get some goods tips tomorrow which should pay for the coat and the trousers

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    Crackin tips today will buy new Monday

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