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Thread: When did you last cry?

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    When did you last cry?

    Recently for me when my surgeon gave me the all clear for cancer. I kissed him, jeeze it was weird!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    Recently for me when my surgeon gave me the all clear for cancer. I kissed him, jeeze it was weird!
    Great news RD , I cry after most of your posts with laughter!!!
    Do you know what nemesis means? A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent, personified in this case by a 'orrible c@#t, me.

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    When my black lab had to be put down, Oct 31st last year ................ my best mate.

    Oh, and congratulations on the all clear buddy

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    After recently watching Marnie and me......stupid stupid film.
    good to hear you're all clear A
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    Yeah, dogs oh no!

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    Great to hear of your -all clear RD. I wish you all the very best. My mother Is In Larbet hospital at the moment, but I know the outcome will be not good.

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    Seriously a good place FVRH and i hope more magic can be sprinkled.

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    Morning Squire

    That is great news - well done for beating it.
    Me - when Father passed away few years ago.


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    Would he easier to ask when I don't cry
    Any sad events got a bit teary thinking about all the young boys killed in wars on the weekend when I was explaining to my little one what was going on.I have way too much empathy!!!
    Ps well done rd.

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    3wks ago when I put the old dog down .
    well done and good news on the results happy days

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