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Thread: Swarovski glass.

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    Swarovski glass.

    Having foolishly sold mine on here last year i am looking to replace them as my 8X20B's are not up to the job.
    What have you for sale?

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    8.5x42el's any use?

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    10x42slc in perfect condition may suit you 750 + postage

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    did you get my PM ref these binos MGD?
    Quote Originally Posted by MGD View Post
    10x42slc in perfect condition may suit you 750 + postage

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    Oi, post your own wanted thread!!

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    May consider Leica binoculars. No RF please.

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    7 x 42 slc , soft case ,box and cover slip
    550 inc delv

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    Bushwear in Stirling are advertising s/h Swarovski binos.

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    Went there today and they have one pair of 8.5X42 EL for 1,200 in 9/10 condition with no instructions or neck strap.
    I have put an offer on a mint pair of Leica 10X50 HD Ultravids so we will see if the seller bites.

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