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Thread: Small Fun (Rifle) Shoot - East Lancs - This Sunday?

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    Small Fun (Rifle) Shoot - East Lancs - This Sunday?

    I've got a few friends coming on Sunday 15th November (Weather permitting) for a bit of a "Fun (Target) Shoot" with centrefire rifles at a quarry local to me (Bacup, Rossendale). This is not an "Official" or "Really Competitive Shoot", just an excuse for "a few of the lads" to get together and put some lead through their rifles, meet a few of our Club Members, talk "guns" and most importantly enjoy each others company!
    The quarry where we will be shooting has been checked and passed by my FEO as safe for calibres up to and including .270 (For those on Closed Conditions). I have full permission (In writing) from the landowner as well as express verbal permission to invite freinds to shoot on his land. (But only when they are in my company, so this is not an invitation to try gaining an extra permission - Not that I would expect any members of The Stalking Directory to try that)
    I have just spoken to our Club Chairman (Who is a Qualified and Registered NRO Safety Officer and will be present at all times to oversee all aspects of safety) and he has agreed that I could happily invite two or three members of The Stalking directory to join us if they would like to.
    For anyone who might be interested - We will be meeting up at my place (I will give details to anyone interested by PM) for about 10:00 where they will be "fattened up" with egg and/or bacon butties, teas, coffees, etc by the wife. After everyone has been "watered and fead" and introduced we will go up to the quarry which is only a five minute drive away to have two or three hours of shooting.
    Anyone who needs to will be given a chance to zero their rifles and then we will have a bit of friendly but "reasonably competitive" shooting at some "fun targets" - 38mm Chalk Discs, Soft Fruit and "whatever else that is safe and comes to hand!
    We can accomodate another couple of shooters so if two or three of you guys who would like to join us you would be made to feel more than welcome! If you would like to join us please PM me for details - Because of "limited places available I will treat it as "First come first served".
    There is no charge for this (Completely FREE OF CHARGE) but you MUST have valid insurance - Something like BASC, SACS or similar and a valid FAC which you should with you, and of course your own ammunition! You never know, there is always a possibility that you might even get invited out to shoot with me on a few of my permissions (At a later date) for some vermin, rabbit, fox or deer shooting!

    Edit: There are 3 members have asked to join us so I'm afraid that the positions are full. If all goes well maybe I can arrange another "Shoot and Get Together" for another Sunday between now and Christmas.
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    PM sent kind sir,



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    Quote Originally Posted by Kjf View Post
    PM sent kind sir,


    Received and replied to!

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    Currently 3 members have asked to come so that will make up the numbers.
    Sorry if anyone else wanted to come, if everything goes well maybe I can arrange another " shoot and get together" between now and Christmas.

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