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Thread: Thank You Fellow Vets - Armistice/Veterans Day

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    Thank You Fellow Vets - Armistice/Veterans Day

    To My Fellow Veterans,

    Thank you for your service, and may we remember the service of those that have gone before us. As I look back at my own service - the very first allies I met were Brits and Canadians. For 26 more years, where ever in the world I went it seemed those same Brit and Canadian allies were always at our side. Thank You on this Hallowed Day of remembrance.

    AKA Curtis A. Meurer - CMSgt (ret.) USAF
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    There was a nice memorial downtown today where I was working: ringing of bells at 11:00, then a small parade and service on a beautiful day.

    In a timely manner, a letter arrived this past week, in an unfamiliar hand. It was from a former mechanic for my father's squadron. His daughter had copies made of old sepia photos, and he had written notes of who and where. They were mostly all smiling in every photo, playing baseball while their planes are being checked, fueled, and loaded with bombs and ammunition.
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    Thanks for yours Cootmeurer, Scouts Out! Heading to Red Robin in a few with my 14 year old to get my free hamburger and fries. Iv'e even pinned on my ribbons like our friends in Europe do, perhaps I'll start a new trend.

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    It's a great thing to remember those in the armed forces who served and fought in the various conflicts over many years past.
    I never was in our armed forces, but my father was from the age of 16. An infanrtyman who worked through the ranks from private bandsman to Lt Col. QM.

    I have all his medals incl an MBE awarded in 1966 while still serving in Cyprus, also a mention in despatches from Malaya and enjoyed the privilege of living in all the different countries he was posted to..Germany, Malaya, Egypt, Aden, Kenya, Tanganyika, Swaziland, Hong Kong, Malta & Cyprus.
    Wonderful times and those serving worth the gratitude from all.
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