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Thread: Mauser M03 - what's the verdict?

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    Mauser M03 - what's the verdict?

    I've had a Sako 85 in 308 Win for nearly 8 years and although I'm really happy with it I'm starting to think about a change. I like the idea of a switch-barrel rifle and the Mauser M03 appeals the most.

    I shoot woodland Muntjac, Roe and Fallow and go up to Scotland once a year for the hind cull. I'd also like to have a go at boar one day. So I'd like to plumb for barrels in 243 and 280 Rem (or 7 by 64 or 30.06).

    So, I have a few questions to those who own or have owned a Mauser M03; have you found it to be an accurate (precise) rifle? What do you use it for and which cartridge combination do you use? What length barrel? Is your rifle moderated?

    Finally, I prefer the wood stocked variant. Those I've seen advertised seem to have a varnish finish which to my mind means it looks great when new but small marks can't be as easily removed as with an oil finish - one scratch and you've had it!

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    A friend of mine has one and it was a b*tch to find a load that suited it. It now shoots ok.
    Also a forey into factory rounds found it group Hornaday Superformance in a 2.5" group and another friends Blaser shot the same ammo in a 0.5" group !
    May just be this rifle.

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    I've got a M03 Extreme in .308 had it for at least 5 years now. Just worked up a hunting load with no problem. I'm working through a 1000 rounds of bought practice ammo and have allready work up a load for down the range again no problem. I shoot it down the running moose range till its so hot i won't put it back in the rifle slip for fear of melting the rubber lineing. Its had a lot of bullets through it and still shoots thumb nail size groups. Well made, heavy rifle with a 52 cm barrel. I have a big S&B scope for sitting out at night for boar that makes the rifle top heavy for hunting but my mate used the S6B rifle cmbo to shoot a moose a couple of weeks ago. Also aimpoint for driven game and a meopta 1-4x22 that has become my favorite for down the range. Its a rifle that will see me out.

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    I've also got a M03 Extreme, but with a 6.5x55 barrel and 22.250 barrel. Standard length for both. M14 x 1 spigotted barrels for both so I can use the same Riflecraft Gen III mod.
    Swarovski Z6i 2-12x50 up top. Javelin bipod.
    is it accurate?
    Well I shot it at WMS using hunting ammo in both calibres and I was very happy repeatedly hitting the 10 inch gong at 300 yards with 20mph crosswind.
    I use it for woodland high seat and on foot stalking.
    Deliberately went for the extreme stock as couldn't see the point of a extremely expensive walnut stock on a rifle that I'm going to crawl with!!
    I currently use Prvi as its cheap but accurate.
    I travelled up to Swillington's as they had the best prices by far.
    no regrets after 4 years.
    You live and learn........
    .........or you don't live long

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    I've got an M03 extreme with a few barrels , my main stalking cal is 6.5x55 std 17mm barrel that's 21 1/2 inch long (originally open sights ) with a Lawrence precision aurora titanium mod and Swaro Z6I 2.5-15x44 rail mount scope

    I use RWS 140 DK's in it and group consistent and fantastically

    I can't fault the rifle in any way it ballances beautifully with the TI mod even tho the rifle is heavier than most you don't notice this

    the extreme stock is nice and grippy on the rubber bits in places where u need it

    i have no issues regards zero loss when swapping barrels or scopes around

    the bolt is silky smooth and the whole rifle just oozes quality when you use it

    the trigger is as good if not better than any aftermarket offering on a rifle

    the safety de cocker is no issue after using a few times and after a bit you start to think how did I manage without it as you can have one in the chamber with the bolt locked down and be perfectly happy in the knowledge it's completely safe and the bolt can't be accidentally lifted or the rifle fired

    if your thinking of getting a thicker barrel 19mm later on you'll need to order it in that spec to start with as the barrel channel will be smaller for the std 17mm barrel

    hope this helps

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    Too heavy for my liking but shoots well and takes down easily.
    Blaser K95 Stutzen - the ultimate deer stalking rifle

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    I like mine. Make sure you get a good moderator on it. The Atec Maxim I started with gave me all sorts of grief. Swapped for a jet z and now no problems. Its a good take down travelling rifle. Returns to zero with no issues. If I was on one local estate I would use a non-takedown type setup but as I am all over the place it packs down into a case quickly and easily and it does the job perfectly.
    Deer Stalking. Training and Courses. Deer Stalking Certificate Level 1, Training and Witnessing for the Level 2 Assessment.

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    Thanks for your replies.

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    Got two stocks, standard wood and extreme. Barrels in 6.5x55 and 9.3x62.
    Use wood in Africa and plastic elsewhere.
    Only after a complete copper strip do I have to zero again and only by one click.

    No problems in seven years. Easily pick either rifle up and no perceptual difference other than tactile.
    Not a subtle action but everyone in Africa want's one "but for the price".

    Bangs and knocks are no problem. Weight caters for the heavy calibres.

    Travelling necessity is a breakdown.


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    I have one in 30.06 it is wood stock but oil finished not varnish, not seen one varnished TBH. I agree with all of above it is a fantastic rifle if very slightly heavy. The standard stock is designed to be used with open sights so when you put a scope an inch and a half above that you need to raise your head off of the stock but I would recommend an adjustable stock. I had mine modified but you can get them that way as standard.

    Good Luck


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