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Thread: Driven boar shooting germanyver

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    Driven boar shooting germanyver

    A friend has been offered a few days driven boar shooting in Germany but he has to bring a valid hunting certificate and a running boar shooting test certificate.
    Does anyone have any knowledge if he can gain this in the UK? The tests in Germany take a while to sort so unfortunatly he can't fly out early and take them.


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    Hi Jim!
    When I invite my friends from abroad on driven hunts in Germany, first thing I do, straight away from the airport to the shooting cinema! That needs to be booked in advance for sure...
    Good fun, great training for shots on moving targets, probably even with an unknown rifle and scope.
    I know, that wont help him now, but if you like, let him get into contact to me and I will try to help.
    There are also different requirements on the test, depending in which county or even on which ground (state forests, national forests.....).

    Good luck and straight shooting anyway
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Oh, I did forget about the hunting license...
    Thats also a bit tricky for a UK citizen, because you dont have anything like our hunting test which is recognized by the authorities over here as an equal certificate...
    According to our law, you need to have an insurance, plus as many certificates, documents, whatever, which show that you are an experienced hunter.
    Insurance is fairly easy, dont mess around with any international thing, go and ask our German ones, its about 25€ for a 14 days period (the period you would get the German foreigners hunting license issued for).
    I tell my friends to send me copies of their firearms certificates, DSCs, other training courses hunting related (BDS), plus letters from their syndicates, landowners on whose ground they stalk, shoot and hunt on.
    That needs all to be translated into German!
    My authorities do except my (inofficial) translations so far, thank God.
    A passport pic plus the official application form, signed in origin, added and posted to the governments department... Sorted. Hopefully....
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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