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Thread: First time reloading

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    First time reloading

    Hi all
    Imagine its your first time reloading ( this is for the wise ones lol )
    what would you buy this time round ?
    and what do you think was a wast of time now you look back ( cheap build Quality or give you inconsistent measurements )

    I have just just got a hornaday reloading book 9th edition

    I would also like to find a good shop that has all the bits under one roof so I can look and pick up what I am about to buy

    please can you point me in the right direction

    I live in the Midlands


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    Get yourself the RCBS DVD on reloading then get some good equipment (not necessarily the dearest).
    I have a Forster Co-Ax press which I like and Lee and RCBS dies.

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    I will be reloading .22-250 it's my first centre fire rifle
    thinking os a .243 or a bit bigger next year

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    Take a trip to Norman Clarks in Rugby, he probably has the most comprehensive selection of reloading gear and components in the midlands, then if you have time pop over to my place and i will show you how to use it all.


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    Firstly, I'm not a wise old reloader, but I've done enough to conclude that I needed better/consistent/reliable/repeatable measurements

    - digital vernier Lidl/Aldi or treat yourself to Mitutoyo

    - SHED 2P series Two Piece Cartridge Comparator from - 2 halves to it:
    Bottom half can be shared between 22-250 & 243 & 308.
    Top half one per calibre to measure distance from base to ogive.

    - SHED Comparator Shoulder Bump Gauge. Just the top half - reuse the base as per above.

    It's all machined to perfection by someone who shoots 1000yds & will help you over the phone to get where you need to be. My only association is that I've placed a few orders. Previously I'd hate taking multiple measurements because they'd keep varying. Now I occasionally take multiple measurements just to feel smug, knowing they'll all be the same!

    - Digital scales, maybe as part of an auto trickler. I weigh a few bullets & cases just to note some benchmarks. I also weigh each loaded round. It's very quick to do with digital scales & give me peace of mind.

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    I never said OLD I have more respect than that when asking for help

    And thank you so far gentleman

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    Smart move.
    RCBS is an excellent brand with exemplary after sales service.

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    A cheap Lee press kit is almost all you need. (£120-150?)
    RCBS beam scales are a must have - the Lee kit ones are absolute rubbish. (£80)
    Digital calipers from Aldi or ebay. (£12)

    You will also need a tool to measure your cartridge length. You can buy one or get a piece of steel and drill a hole which is the same diameter as your barrel (has to be precision drilling). you then can ensure consistent length by measuring between the head of the case and the bullets' shoulders. (£5-20?)

    Also, you need an understanding wife that will allow you to dry your freshly formed cases in the oven after you wash the lube off. (£priceless)

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    I have bought, and later given away, more reloading equipment than most people will own in a lifetime. After 40 years of reloading I can only say that 90% of the 'Competition Grade' gear I sunk my hard earned money into didn't feed a rifle worthy of the cost. The other 10% just didn't add anything in the way of tangible accuracy. Does a Wilson case trimmer cut more accurately because it has a $90, Chinese-made, micrometer in-feed attachment? No, but it makes the owner feel all technical and such because he has a dial to turn. Done all over again, I'd use Lee Classic Loaders and spend my money on more bullets and shooting time. ~Muir

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