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Thread: How do I fix a tight trigger on a .22 CZ BRNO Model 2?

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    How do I fix a tight trigger on a .22 CZ BRNO Model 2?

    Hi everyone!

    I've just bought an old CZ BRNO .22 Model 2. It's a great little budget gun but I'm used to a different rifle with a slightly 'easier' trigger.

    The BRNO requires quite a lot of pressure to fire the pin. Can anyone tell me how to sort this please? It could just be stiff and may ease with use, but I wondered whether there was 'something' internally that I could loosen to fix the problem. There doesn't appear to be anything externally for me to adjust.

    Thank you in advance for any advice!



    PS I should point out that I would not use this rifle for deer!
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    Hmmm I cannot recall what the trigger mech looks liek but on my particular Brno No2 the trigger is like a match one and breaks like glass with about 2lbs or 3lbs pressure. It seems that you change the spring for a lighter one and wind the nut down towards the triger to lighten it. bearign in mind what you said about the sound mod fitted to it I would pull the stock off and check the condition of the trigger itself. it's possibly gummed up with dust and muck so check that then try it again before deciding to buy new springs. This site might be of use as they are CZ/Brno rimfire addicts :-

    It might take a bit of searching but there some serious Brno No2 collectors and shooters there.

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    i have one too , It is the trigger travel that is bugging me but you can buy a spring kit from rimfire magic for 12 delivered with instructions to fit.Am going to try one myself

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    Yep, that trigger kit is the answer, they're fantastic, take a few minutes to fit and transform the rifle. You get 4 different kits for the 12.00 too.

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    another vote for the rimfire magic trigger kit. Best 12 spent in a long time.

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    You can adjust the trigger pressure by unscrwing the nut on on the trigger spring - drop the stock off and this is easily seen.

    Or do as I have just done with my old Brno Mod 2 and put in a Timny Trigger - Sportsman has them. OK more expensive than the spring kit at c70 but is a beautiful trigger. Takes five minutes to drop in, but you do need five mintues work with a sharp chisel / dremel tool to relive a bit of wood in the stock. I had previously put in a lighter spring and polished the sear and it had pretty good trigger pull, but still a good element of creep. The Timney breaks at 3 lbs like glass.

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